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7 10 2007

This is my blog. After looking at numerous blogs, I decided: “I also can do this”. Writing about things I care about, and that is my home, the magnificent city of Vienna, Austria. About the musical scene, the political developments and the international flair it has developed over the past decades.

As a musician and Music Critic for The Vienna Review, it seemed logic to publish more material on the subject matter in English; particularly as I collected a a lot of material which I am never able to use for my stories published.

But then again, there is reality, and for me as a writer there is nothing so frightening than looking at a blank page that needs to be filled with words. Not that I have no ideas, rather the contrary: I need to sit down and and select, focus and cut. But the blog gives me the opportunitiy to collect my thoughts, assemble material – interviews and background – to my stories, which should enable the reader to learn more about the citiy’s life.

But on my frequent travels within Austria and abroad I collect more stories and materials. And my academic background – aside of being trained as a conductor, musicologist and journalist – is in International Relations. So, you will also find, in due course, stories on matters of international politics. And, of course, my second home was the United Kingdom for over seven years. Therefore, I follow the political events there with greater interest than any other European country, except of my native Austria.

I think, for the beginning, I have successfully overcome my fear of blank pages. However, I ask of your patience, as it might take some time for me next entry here. Afterall, I am a beginner here in blogging. Please, keep reading, commenting or making suggestions.




One response

23 10 2007
Lilja Bjork

Well done Matthias and congratulation on your new blog site :) reards from Iceland Lilja

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