A Blogger’s Happy Life

23 10 2007

Well, when I spread my wings on the weekend and started this blog, I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself into. I expected very little – that is not meant in a negative way – but after all, I am totally inexperienced in blogging. And who would read what I have to say?

Well, this is the second day in my venture, and when my blog registered almost 30 hits yesterday, I thought this cannot get any better for the time being. I was wrong: I have now almost 40 hits and the day has still some hours left. All I did on Sunday night when I went public was to inform my 50-something contacts about it.

I have since registered in two Forums – the Austrian Forum, and the Forum of the journalism.co.uk website – and left the details there, and I am pleased to say that this seems to pay off, as I get some referrals from each. Today, I also added my link to the Austrian worldpress.org blogs. Other than that, I just kept writing, writing and writing…..

I keep asking myself: Is blogging the journalism of the 21st century? The more I think of it, I think that is the case. Why otherwise do adapt major media outlets blogs into their web appearance? Or why would corporations like the BBC offer blogs to their editors? The connection is more immediate, the response as well. I enjoy the contact with people that read my blog, and I have spent quite a few hours of the past two days to answer all your emails, comments and suggestions.

I am writing for you, the reader, without whom this blog cannot survive. And I take it as a good sign that some of you are coming back already after only two days. Please feel free to comment on any blog entries I have done, email me for discussions, disagreements etc. I love it and I hope you make up your own mind about events that I subjectively comment, describe or report.

I know, I set out to write about Politics & Music in Vienna, but my writing is much wider, as matters of International Relations, European issues, are some of my interests at heart as well. Please watch out for the pages I add (currently European Politics). They are, unfortunately, not linked up into the blog, so changes and additions I do their are not showing on the front page. Please keep reading them as well, let me know what you think and recommend it to friends, if you feel that’ s worth. Thank you very much for your time, your interest and patience. This is still a project in the making, let us see what we can build together. You just make me smile!




One response

23 10 2007
Lilja Bjork

Hi Matthias
Your blog has a good start and yes I agree with you on that blogging is the journalism of the 21th century. In Iceland it is very popular to blog and I read few sites every day for my own pleasure. Many of the once who blog aren’t really journalists just normal Joes that feel the pleasure in using blog sites for their considers and feel good putting those reflections, estimations and speculations on the www. Good luck with your blog and I know reading will be a pleasure …your blog will life :) best regards Lilja

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