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Matthias Wurz, October 2009Photo Credit: Reinhard Bimashofer

Matthias Wurz was born in Vienna in 1975. He currently works as freelance  journalist and researcher in his native city. However, Matthias completed his studies in the United Kingdom, at University of York (B.A. in Music) and at the Royal Holloway, (University of London, M.Mus. in Historical Musicology). He also graduated in International Relations at Webster University, Vienna Campus (M.A.).  In December 2010, he finished his first book – Orchesterspielen: Geschichten aus dem RSO Wien – the history of Austria’s only Radio Orchestra, told by the orchestra members, published by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. Matthias is a professionally accredited journalist in Austria by Presseclub Concordia. He worked for The Vienna Review as Music Critic and Executive Editor until August 2009. He returned to The Vienna Review in May 2012 as the paper’s Austria News Editor.

He began his early musical training at the Vienna Boys Choir (1985 – 1989), with which he toured throughout Europe, America and Southeast Asia as a child. After a period not related to music, Matthias left for the United Kingdom in 1997 for his musical training. Alongside the academic studies at York, he regularly participated professional conducting training with the Symphonic Workshops in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Engagements brought him to work with orchestras in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania. His appearance with Sinfonia Bucharest in Romania in June 2004 was televised. In 2011, together with director Ches Themann he founded the Vienna-based chamber-operatic company Ensemble Szene XX.

Matthias has also built an academic reputation with his research into Austrian Emigrés Composers, such as Georg Tintner (1917 – 1999) and Karl Rankl (1989 – 1968), including conference talks, lectures and publications. Among others, he organized the Themed Session ‘Exile and Suppressed Music’ for the International Conference of 20th Century Music in London (2001) where he also lectured. Matthias spoke at the Wellesz-Gál Symposium in Vienna (2004) and was invited by musica reanimata, Berlin, for a narrated concert in April 2007. In 2009, Matthias researched the musical estate of the emigrés composer Walter Arlen for the organization exil.arte.


7 responses

22 10 2007

I love the idea, so keep working on it and I think it might turn out to as an excellent point of reference for Austrian expats and future immigrants alike! :)
Make sure you spell-check!
And in case you need ‘inspiration’ (which I doubt, but you never know): Living in Switzerland, I’d be very interested in reading your comments on Austrian neutrality. Or Mahler. :)

27 10 2007

Thanks for telling me about your site. I haven’t heard from you in so long, I was wondering where you had gotten to. Now, I know. Warmest wishes from Sherene in South Africa.

1 11 2007

Your site is really looking good. I wish you all the best with it.

3 11 2007

Thank you very much for making me aware of your blog. This is a really great idea and it looks good, not to mention also interesting to read. I wish you the very best. Best

15 11 2007

Bravo Matthias, you are really cool!!
The information that you have here are really a tremendous contribution
in understanding and knowing more about Austria and as well the current
events that we update ourselves with.
Keep up the good work :)

19 01 2008

WOOW, nice to see you from another perspective! Just keep up!
All the best,

3 05 2011

Your blog is excellent, and, to reiterate what Janina said, a great site for expats. I’m an exchange student here in Vienna, studying international relations. I come from a small town near to York – yet another city reknown for its beauty, architecture and history. The only thing Vienna lacks is the cobbled streets. Keep up the good work.

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